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Course Name: Systems and Multiples

Date: April 2018

Materials: Industrial Felt, Polystyrene, Maple Wood

Design Brief:

To Design a desk organizer that has some sort of relation or system involved.


COZE is a warm desk accessories set for the office. This product was designed and created with my group mates: Ben Smith and Vincent Couturier.


It consists of book ends, a utensil holder, a general dish, a cellphone pad, and a glasses pad. It is unique from any other stationery set as it is made out of industrial felt and placed on top of a wood base. The felt is soaked and then stretched onto or around a plastic shape to form it's shape and then dried to keep the shape. It is then mounted to a wood base to elevate and hold the shape.


The objective of this project was to design a stationery set that had some sort of system, either size or connect through a system. As a group we decided to play around with the sizes and the relation of them. All the pieces have the same dimension as another piece and the heights of the pads and the dish are relative to each other. 

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