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Endler 360.jpg

Course Name: Ethics and Values

Date: December 2018

Materials: Silicone, Rubber, Clear Acrylic Plastic

Design Brief:

To design a kid-friendly snorkel that is comfortable, lightweight and colourful. The snorkel will be playful and take the ocean as an inspiration to the design. The snorkel mask while be sized smaller to fit the faces of kids under the age of 12 years old. It will consist of the same materials that snorkels are typically made with (Silicone and Rubber).



ENDLER 360° is a full face snorkel mask for children to use when free-diving. It plays on the organic shape of a face of a fish and the colours of a fish as well. The snorkel will flex around the shape of a child's face to create a seal through the rubber skirt resting on the face when the strap is puled over the back of the head. 

The design objective of this product was to pick a sport with eye wear and develop a demographic for that sport. Once you developed  that demographic, you then design for that specific demographic that reaches their needs.

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