float 3.JPG


Project Name: FLOAT

Course Name: Design Mobilization

Date: December 2018

Materials: 3-D Printed PLA

Design Brief:

Create a product that can be sold through your own website. Design a high designed, organic 3-D printed light that uses the advantages of 3-D printing and is playful with how the light interacts with it.




FLOAT is an ambient light that uses digital technology. Most of the components of the table-lamp are 3-D printed; such as the lampshade, the light fixture and the base.


It is a minimal light that imitates the movement of a bubble. The form is so asymmetrical and organic that it needs to take advantage of digital technology and its limitations that hand-fabrication has. Which is where 3-D printing is very useful to create this organic form. It is a small ambient light that will sit on top of a table.

FLOAT Physical Prototype & Process

On the left is the final prototype of the lamp, which is still a work in progress. 


FLOAT Final Model & Photography