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Course Name: Capstone Project 1 & 2

Date: May 2020

Materials: Soft Touch Polyethylene Plastic, Wood Dowels, Rubber

Design Brief:

To design a modern highchair for Millennials in the sharing economy to use as a tool to raise their child with. The chair will address versatility and safety through the design and functions.


The chair will create longevity within the products functions and modularity to be easily fixed and cleaned. This will allow the user to easily pass on the chair to another family to then customize the chair to their own style and feel safe about using a second-hand product.


The nu kid highchair is a current solution for the baby market that is growing due to the biggest population, Millennials, growing their families. The highchair focuses on Millennials having kids and their problems they face. This product will be integrated into up-growing Toronto Sharing Economy and encourage second hand use of products to create longevity in a product that typically lasts 3 years.


Longevity is integrated by having easily replaceable and repairable components to increase the lifecycle of the highchair. This allows the highchair to be move from family to family to be reused for as long as possible.

The highchair easily adaptable to many different spaces and environments through its wide height adjustability and other uses. The nu kid highchair is a modular modern highchair that emphasizes on safety and functionality. The highchair is made up of many components to create customization and make it easy to repair to extend its product lifecycle.

Due to COVID-19, a final working model/prototype was not made. Therefore, it is still a work in progress to complete that component of the project. Photography of it coming soon!

I am happy to announce that nu kid was selected for first place in the furniture category for the ARTSTHREAD global design graduate show 2020


Presentation Boards

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Full Research Document 

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