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  • Shaelyn Leung

Design Proposal

As the housing market prices rise and cities are growing drastically; space becomes limited which forces an aggressive amount of new condominium developments to have smaller footprints. I propose to design a modular furniture system directed towards young homeowners who reside in limited space condos instead of houses because of affordability and the competitive market. This system will provide the user with open or divided space that maximizes the limited space that small condos provide. The system will be modular yet highly usable through storage solutions and usable surface areas. This system will focus on the future generation of homeowners which will be Millennials buying their first home (in this case condo) and concentrate on their minimal and advanced lifestyle that differs from current homeowners. This system will be influenced by different cultures and lifestyles to be easily adaptable to multiple living situations. Therefore, this is my plan to successfully design a furniture system that meets my criteria:

- Research current solutions and designs.

- Research and fully understand small spaces; read up on spatial design, architecture, human factors, and interior design.

- Research and develop the knowledge of different living habits of different cultures that may influence my design.

- Specify an area or culture that this design will focus on. Secondly, narrow down on a specific solution and what type of outcome I want with my system that I want to design.

- Ideate 50 concepts and then narrow down to 3 good concepts. Then pick the one concept direction I feel confident about.

- Make small-scale models/prototypes of the chosen concept to help prove my design.

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