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Market Study: Existing Baby Furniture Pieces

The market for Baby Furniture has always been growing and is increasingly becoming more innovative. Many big companies are selling baby furniture and has even made it more convenient through online stores starting to sell online, such as Amazon. Baby Furniture ranges in prices, you can definitely find affordable products but like a car the more you spend the better quality the piece of furniture is. For example, an IKEA crib is $189.00 which is very affordable for the design and its purpose. Although, the crib is made out of cheap materials and hardware. I have to admit that many people are willing to spend more on cribs and other baby furniture required for the quality and safety assurance for their baby. The necessary pieces of furniture to fill a nursery are a crib, changing table, a hamper, rocking chairs, etc. Other necessary pieces of furniture needed to raise a baby would be a high-chair, car seat, stroller, play area, and other products. Lots of companies sell collections of all the pieces together.


Sleep is an important factor when raising a baby, it impacts their behaviour and growth. The qualities of a crib can play a role in how much a baby sleeps and how good the sleep is. This can be through the type of mattress, what type of crib it is and other important features that makes up a crib.Some Affordable cribs can be bought at Walmart, IKEA, or on Wayfair.

Figure 1.1 SUNDVIK Crib

IKEA's SUNDVIK Crib (Figure 1.1) is a timeless design that can grow with baby. The Bed can be lowered and one of the side railing can completely detach from the crib to create a toddler bed. The cribs is at a reasonable price of $189.00, it’s simple and definitely does the job that is needed, and it is also multi-functional and is product that can be used longer than a normal crib. The crib is made out of sold beech wood that is painted white.

Likewise, Walmart has a diverse inventory of affordable cribs. Their prices range from $150 to $300, depending on the brand and its function. Walmart offers a $200 crib (Figure 1.2) by Graco that includes a storage drawer at the bottom of the crib but is still transitional like the IKEA crib.

Figure 1.2 Graco Storage Crib

Wayfair also sells affordable cribs and is highly accessible since it is an online store that has a lot more options and variety. There cribs prices range from $100 to the best at $600. They have a variety of convertible cribs that even can be turned into a child full size bed (Figure 1.3).

Figure 1.3


A changing table is important in the sense that it provides a clean area to change the babies’ diapers and can even provide storage of diapers and clothing. It is used more often than you think because babies urinate at least 20 times per day, which requires frequent changing of their diapers. A changing table should typically be used until the child is no later than 3 years old, which is when they should be potty trained.

Figure 1.4

People argue that a changing table can just be a flat surface with a blanket or mat on top of it to rest the baby on but many new parents prefer to buy a product that is specifically for changing their diapers. Changing tables are a spate piece of furniture in the nursery but many companies have started combining the crib with the changing table for convenience and to enhance the usability of the product. Wayfair has a section on crib and changing table combo furniture (Figure 1.4). Although the more functions the piece has the pricier it becomes, which is why this crib with changing table is almost $400. A changing table on its own can be found at cheap prices, which I think is reasonably priced because the product is more for its function and not quality. It may be being used multiple times a day but not for long periods of time.


Highchairs are used when feeding the baby. This product becomes important when the baby can sit up on their own which is around 4 to 6 months. It is important to the baby to keep the baby upright and safe in a chair, although it more designed to provide the parents a more comfortable position when feeding the baby. Highchairs have to be very safe and stable to prevent it from tipping over or the child from slipping out of it, this is why highchairs of harnesses to secure your child in the seat. The highchair usually has a tabletop surface to put the food on. Highchairs can be made out of many different materials form plastic, metal, or wood. Some have a cloth-like lining for comfort and can be taken off to keep the chair clean. Highchairs recently have become designed more on aesthetics and human factors to improve the already functional design. They have also progressed through function as being foldable and can grow with the child as well.

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