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Mentor Meeting with Lee Fletcher

As a part of Capstone Project research, I met with an industry expert Lee Flecther. Lee is an Industrial Designer who owns the Toronto company Fig40. Meeting with Lee was very eye-opening and brought up lots of details I need to worry about in my final design for my highchair. This interview consisted of proposing my design proposal and getting feedback. This interview focused more on the design and manufacturing process than on the research side of the problem.

Firstly, Lee really liked my problem and how I was approaching it. He said it is unique and a good challenge for this project. At first I was going to do a whole baby furniture collection but Lee recommended that I choose one specific piece of furniture to get a more driven and developed final design. Therefore, I choose to go with the highchair because it had less government laws and requirements but is also the most used and dirtied product when used. This makes less easy to pass on or give away unless it is the right materials or a really good design.

After his kids grew out of the baby furniture he did resell it. Lee would use baby furniture but not if it’s wood (gets sticky). He agrees that it is important that the product can be easily cleaned to be passed on, industrially sanitized? He said that I should focus on one product to design really well, which is why I picked the highchair since it has less regulations and is less likely to be passed on compared to cribs. Lee bought the Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair and enjoyed the design and how long it lasted in his house (5 years). I should spend most of my time on the design and its assembly, the product can be disassembled and packed back into the box it came into and shipped back to the company. This will make the product easier to pass on and carry to a new location. I should worry about the products composition and which parts are rigid versus removable components. Brings up the idea of the products narrative, the manufacturing process is important. This product is creating a system and a new experience without the user having to buy the product new. This interview helped me create a more detailed design brief and develop the reason behind my product: “create a new experience without buying new”.

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