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  • Shaelyn Leung

New Design Proposal

To design a baby furniture collection that creates a platform for sharing used baby furniture. The pieces of furniture that will be designed for this system will involve parts that are easily replaceable and customization to ensure it is clean and focused on the customers wants. It will encourage second hand use of the baby furniture collection and allows the product to be used to the end to extend the life-cycle of the product, which typically lasts two years when raising a child.

This system will be targeted towards Millennials who currently choose to not have kids due to financial and social reasons. The baby furniture collection will be affordable and reflect the millennial lifestyle of minimalism, their sharing community, and be easily adaptable to small spaces. The system will reflect Millennials beliefs through their environmentally sustainable awareness, functionality of the product, easily adaptable to their lives, and if it is really worth it to buy this product. The system will support the transition of having kids and make it a possible option for Millennials. The design could be influenced by other cultures through the design, materials, and colour.

To get a solution, I will focus on the city of Toronto and use their economy to support the problem of Millennials currently choosing not to have kids. Toronto has proven that houses are harder to afford for Millennials and that those new developments are also decreasing in square footage. It supports the financial issue that rise when wanting to have kids. This will give me a starting point and a good reference when designing my baby furniture collection.

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