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  • Shaelyn Leung

Research: The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy can be defined as a service or way of distributing goods that is different from the traditional methods. Some examples of companies in the Sharing Economy are Uber, Airbnb, and reselling and trading apps. “The sharing economy is built on the idea of collaborative consumption.” (Roos, 2014) Collaborative consumption is when only a few individuals own the goods and other people can pay through a service to “borrow” them. This system creates a way to use a product when it is not in use and extend its value to the user and owner of the product. The main reasons why people use the sharing economy because of its ideology and for its environmental awareness it brings, “such as sustainability and green consumption, [which supports their] reputation and economic concern.” (Hamari, Juho, et al, 2015).

The baby high chair design can be easily integrated within the share economy, this will extend the lifecycle of the highchair that usually lasts a user 2 to 3 years. And after it is used it usually packed away into storage and not used until they have another baby, if they plan on having another one. The highchair being integrated into the sharing economy will provide millennials with easy access and affordable options when they choose to grow their family.

Currently, Toronto’s own the Sharing Depot does not rent out any baby furniture because it is too bulky to store and can be too heavy to carry around easily. Although, if their customers ask about renting baby furniture they usually just recommend they visit kijiji or other trading sites where there is more variety for cheap.

Kijiji is considered a sharing economy application, it does have a lot of options for highchairs but it does not guarantee the customer who is buying it with cleanliness. The prices of the highchairs range from really cheap ($50) to expensive ($350) depending on the brand and the design. The expensive highchairs tend to resell at almost the same price it is bought at, which provides the owner with no depreciation in price when reselling it.

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