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  • Shaelyn Leung

Sketching, Sketching, and more Sketching


To start this design process, i began with ideating 50 concepts.

Below are some of my concepts and ideation:

Final Design Proposal:

To design selective baby furniture products that can be easily integrated into the growing sharing economy of

Toronto. The product will have replaceable parts and can be easily customizable to promote cleanliness and adaptability. The target user of this design will remain for Millennials who want kids but have been evidently choosing not to have kids due to social issues, economic problems, and many more factors. The products will reflect their lifestyle, beliefs, and small spaces.

This system will encourage second hand use of products to extend its product lifecycle and hopefully reduce the waste of baby furniture that typically lasts for 2 to 3 years of the baby’s life.

To achieve a well-designed product that should last long, it will focus on having a timeless aesthetic and the research of new materials that are currently not really used in the baby market.

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