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Course Name: Industry Project

Date: December 2019

Materials: White Oak, Steel, Glass

Design Brief:

To Design a product for our client Speke Klein that fits their brand and can be made in-house by their 5-axis CNC. The Product takes advantage of the 5-axis CNC technology.


SOLAR is an entryway collection that has a wall-mounted valet bowl, mirror and a set of hooks that makes up the collection. It plays on the simple geometric shapes which reflects to what our clients designs are like. I focused more on the valet bowl and the construction of it. I had to figure out how it was going to mount to the wall and the weight distribution of it. The SOLAR valet-bowl is made out of white oak, matte-black steel, Z-clips, and rubber tabs. The CNCed bowl is meant to hold keys, the users ID, and maybe their wallet at most. The SOLAR valet-bowl provides a user a home within their home to place their daily items before they leave the house. I noticed that Speke Klein had furniture for almost every part of the house, other than the foyer/entryway. This product will expand their collection by introducing their products to the entrance of their clients house. This collection is also inspired by their LUNA side table and the simplicity of it being a round base and a round top.

This was our first project that had a real life client, where we interviewed and designed for them. The project was to open up the market through an object to a furniture based company called Speke Klein. We had to analyze our client and who their clientele is for us to design an object that they can easily sell to their current or new customers. Speke Klein houses a 5-axis CNC that does most of their woodworking for their furniture. We had to design something that they can make using the 5-axis CNC. The wood part of my design can be easily made on the 5-axis CNC since one of their side table's base is shaped similar and will be cut the same way.

Technical Package-03.jpg
Technical Package-04.jpg
Technical Package-05.jpg
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