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Sheridan Craft and Design Exhibit Concept

Course Name: Packaging and Placement Design


Date: April 2019


Materials: PLA, MDF, Baltic Birch, Grey Foam


Design Brief:

To Design a layout of how to display and Advertise Sheridan's Craft and Design Program in a gallery.


This is our concept proposal for an exhibit layout to display Sheridan's Craft and Design Program.  Eric Kirwin and I decided to create a clean look that followed a maker's aesthetic. We thought that a maker's aesthetic represents our program and what we stand for; making and craft. The back wall is made out of a peg board wall to create a modular shelving system that can adjust and be arranged to display many different sizes of pieces. the pegs can also be used to hang up textiles. The colours of the shelves represent Sheridan's colours of orange and blue. We put small details of Sheridan within our design to ensure that the main focus was on the work created.

We divided the 5 studios that make up the program by using plinths and banners as dividers to create their own personal space to display work and a description of the studio.

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