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The Lookout

Course Name: Interdisciplinary Project


Date: September 2019


Materials: CNCed MDF, Acrylic Sheet, Waterproof Fabric


Design Brief:

To Design with your mixed median group a 1:10 scale proposal of a way to represent the word "Migration" within one week of hard work.



This is my groups proposal for the 2019 Winter Stations competition that is hosted annually at Woodbine Beach. This years topic was Migration. This project was based on students from different disciplines (ceramics, glass, furniture, textiles and industrial design) to come together and use each others knowledge to come up with a solution. This years design brief required a public piece that would be located at Woodbine beach and incorporates the lifeguard chair (can be on it or around it). 

My group went in a unique direction than other groups and decided to that our main piece would be gigantic binoculars. These binoculars represented us looking into the future of migration and how the things happening around the World can become a problem closer to home, being Canada. Which is why in the lens of the binoculars has silhouettes of refugees in their bright orange life jacket travelling towards the direction of the Binoculars. We may become a safe haven in the future for refugees but for right now it is for others to be aware of the refugee crisis occurring in Europe/Middle East.

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