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Course Name: Digital Forms 2


Date: October 2018


Materials: Tyvek, Wood Dowels, PLA


Design Brief: 

To Design a light fixture that takes advantage of 3-D printing.



TINA V1 is lamp concept that uses 3-D printing to its advantages of printing a joinery part that uses easy to access dowels as the legs. The project was that we were given 3 wooden dowels and a light fixture and had to create a 3-D printed piece that holds the light fixture and the wooden dowels to create a stand. And then design a paper lamp shade to go with the design.

The legs fit into the fixture by slotting through the holes and the fixture also houses the light bulb. TINA V1 has a laser cut and folded paper lampshade that fits around the dowels. This was a group project with Mae Garcia and Quinn MacGowan. 

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